Friday afternoon, William Whyte’s Organization Man

William Whyte's book can make you appreciate your work gig.

It’s Friday afternoon, the weather is just about perfect outside, and, like working people the world over, I’m looking forward to the weekend.

This one should be particular fun as Dunreith’s mother Helen comes in for her first visit to Chicago after Marty, her husband and Dunreith’s dad, passed in late March.  We’ll be having a barbeque on Sunday for her, Ava, and some other dear family friends.

Before that, we’ve got  our data training, which for me is always a fun way to end the week.

Unfortunately, many other people do not have jobs with elements that they enjoy much.  Instead, they are working for companies large and small in which they toil away and, to a lesser or greater degree, give themselves away.

William H. Whyte Jr. described this phenomenon exquisitely in his classic and heavily referenced work, The Organization Man.

Fans of Mad Men who like to read would do well to consider taking a look at Whyte’s work.  In addition to being an impressive work of sociology, he takes us inside the homes, work sites and minds of the millions of (primarily) men who leave their suburban homes and head to their mind numbing jobs.

The story is insightful, but not uplifting.  Reading Whyte’s book gives us an idea of what life was like for millions of new suburbanites in the 50s, and how it remains for many more today.


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