Monday book round up

When the Game was Ours is one of the books I've been thinking about this morning.

It’s early Monday morning, and the following items have triggered connections to books I’ve read:

1. I watched much of the 30th Anniversary edition of Magic Johnson’s epic 42-15-7, three-position-in-the-absence-of-Kareem, championship-clinching game last night against the Julius Erving-led Philadelphia 76ers.  In addition to Magic’s virtuosity and the short-shorts, Darryl Dawkins’ prodigious strength and unfortunate habit of putting the ball on the ground every time caught my attention.  Larry Bird and Magic’s When The Game Was Ours covered this game, and Vincent Mallozzi’s Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving tells the story of Erving’s skywalking ability and contributions to the game.

2.  The owner of a van formerly owned by Dr. Jack Kevorkian has failed to sell it on  EBay, so is going for a real-time auction.  Frances Norwood wrote about physician assisted suicide in the Netherlands in The Maintenance of Life.

3. On 15 May 1947, President Harry Truman, in defining the “Truman Doctrine,” said that: ‘We hope that in years ahead more and more nations will come to know the advantages of freedom and liberty.’  Eric Goldman wrote about this and other momentous events in the post-war period in Rendezvous with Destiny.

Have a great week!


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