Dad’s walk with Tom Hornbein, the West Ridge.

Dad is walking today with hiking legend Tom Hornbein.

Dad is walking today with his long-time friend Tom Hornbein.

The climbing legend and anesthesiology professor remains spry and active as he approaches his 80th birthday in November.  Hornbein and a friend climbed up some local Roxbury Puddingstone before their afternoon constitutional with Dad.

Of Hornbein’s many remarkable accomplishments, being part of the first team, along with Willi Onsoeld, to successfully climb Everest’s West Ridge is probably at the top.

Hornbein captured many of the moments up to the top in his beautifully presented book, The West Ridge.

Dad talked when I was growing up how Hornbein recounted the strangely anticlimactic feeling of arriving at the summit of the world’s tallest mountain and of going literally to a place no one had gone before.

In the book he takes the reader along his epic journey, which he survived and lived to share with the reader.

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.


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