Josh and Rebecca’s girl, birth order book.

Introducing our beautiful newest Kelly family member. Names coming soon!

UPDATE: We just spoke with Josh, and their daughter will be named Lucille (Lucy) Virginia Kelly.

ORIGINAL POST: It’s a girl!

Our sister-in-law Rebecca delivered a beautiful baby girl at about 9:30 this morning.  Everyone is doing fine, and Josh has already sent pictures.

Josh and Rebecca already have two children, Jacob, who turns 11 in a couple of weeks, and Sarah, who will be nine in early May.

In a karmic irony, Josh has exactly replicated the birth order, but not gender, of his generation.  Shaun is 11 years older than him, while Dunreith has nine years on her 6’5″ “little brother.”

One’s order in the family hierarchy has a real impact on our identities, according to Kevin Leman, author of The Birth Order Book: Why You Are The Way You Are.

Leman explains that one’s gender, order, and the amount of time in between one’s siblings, are important variables.

Oldest children, like me, tend to like structure and be responsible rules-followers, middle children like my brother Mike tend to wonder about their place in the world, while youngest siblings like my brother Jon tend to be more loosey-goosey, creative and self-oriented.

Large gaps in time, such as Josh had as a child, and his new daughter will, too, can mean that, although the younger child has siblings, they grew up in more of an only-child type existence.

All this of course will unfold in time.  For now, we celebrate the joyful news of our family’s latest arrival and look forward to meeting her in a few short hours.


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