Patricia Farrell tells how to be your own therapist.

Patricia Farrell helps us think about how to solve our own problems in this book.

Therapists make billions of dollars annually, but in many cases the expenses are not necessary.

That’s the main message in Patricia Farrell’s book How to Be Your Own Therapist.

Farrell’s work starts with an entertaining chapter with 10 myths about therapy and therapists-they do not always have perfect mental health, are not always right and often violate people’s confidence are three of them-and then moves to a series of  10 chapters, each of which contains what she calls a tool.

Each chapter includes an assessment whereby the readers gauges where they stand on the topic, an explanation of how people get to being out of synch in the area, and how to move from being in the grips of whatever the subject is to a more free and balanced place.  Like many of these types of books, Farrell drops in case studies from clients from her practice.

Chapter headings range from releasing your parents’ authority to standing up for yourself to accepting yourself and challenging authority.

None of this is particularly earth shattering, and the central point is made effectively enough and generally well taken.  How to Be Your Own Therapist is more of an appetizer than a main dish, and it is a reminder that the solution to many of our problems are within our control.


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