Second Black History Month Quiz, Part Two!

The Second Annual Black History Month Quiz continues today.

For those who are entering the contest today, welcome to the Second Annual Black History Month Quiz.

You have until the end of the day Sunday, February 28, to answer these and the questions posted yesterday.

The winner gets a free drink and their choice from some of the books I’ve written about recently on the blog.

Good luck!

1. Who is the first black American ever to have won an individual gold medal at the Winter Olympics?  How many gold medals has he won?

2. Which book about racial passing has been featured in this blog since the beginning of this year?  What was unusual about the protagonist’s passing?

3. How many migrations does historian Ira Berlin argue have shaped black America in The Making of African America?

4. Who was the first black U.S. Senator elected after Reconstruction?  To which party did he belong?

5. Name five black Americans who have won at least three Grammy Awards.

6. What is the name and mission of the university Booker T. Washington founded?

7. Name two novels by black authors that have been set in Chicago?

8. What was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery?  When did it take that action?

9. Name two black newspapers that many say played a significant role in encouraging black people to move from the South to the North in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

10. Which black American said, “Power concedes nothing without a struggle.  It never has, and never will.”


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