Classics on the El: Brothers K gives way to War and Peace.

I'm starting War and Peace during my El rides to and from work. I could be done by late March.

I love riding the El to and from work.

In addition to chatting about various and sundry issues with Dunreith, aka “wifey, wifey,” I get some time to meditate, or, as she calls it, “sleepitate.”  The warm fumes from the seats exert an inexorable downward pull on my eyelids-a trend that usually culminates in a head jerk, some drool, or both.

I also get to read.

Although I often look longingly at the RedEye covers and stories, I have resolved this year to use my El riding time in reading classics.

I’m talking the Big Boys and Girls here.

My first El Classics book was Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, which I enjoyed immensely and wrote about recently.

Yesterday, I began Leo Tolstoy’s epic work, War and Peace.

So far, so good.  I’m definitely impressed by his ability to describe scenes and dialogue, but not yet loving loving the work.

To be fair, I’m just about 40 pages in, which means I’ve got a mere 1,320 pages or so to get hooked.

What do you read on public transportation?  Is the Classics on the El doomed to end in closed eyelids? Should I just give it up and renew the People magazine subscription I once had?

As always, comments are welcome.


4 responses to “Classics on the El: Brothers K gives way to War and Peace.

  1. Don’t go back to People! OK, go back for fun. But, you gotta tell me what is going on in your book War and Peace.

    What do I read on Public transpo? What public transpo in Nashville? During the tax base downturn of the past 2 years, bus service has dwindled from an already bare bones system. But, I have nearly gone paperless for my reading, and read on my iPod Touch Kindle app, NYTimes app, AP app, NPR News app, a local NBC news app and the U.S. Constitution app. In the Kindle app, I read food writers like Ruhlman and Pollan. I would have the B&N ebook app, but it never worked. The last hardcover I read was written by Marcus Buckingham. Also, I listen to NPR Food and other NPR podcasts when I jog (I have minimal tunes) and an Anthony Bourdain unabridged read by Bourdain on my iPod.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Hey, Lannae,

      It sounds like you’ve caught the Kindle bug. I look forward to checking out some of the authors you mention.

      Thanks for the update!


  2. Jeff, I work all over the place and at a moment’s notice, so public transportation isn’t an option, but this makes me kinda jealous of your El-riding…

    also brings to mind the Bus Bandit -a guy who rides the bus all over Milwaukee and writes about it. Check him out at , along with a bunch of other great writers.

    btw, the last classics I’ve read were Stoker’s Dracula and Shelly’s Frankenstein, and they were both spectacular.

    Interested to hear what you think of W&P

    you are a brave soul

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