Dart Society Blog, Haiti coverage.

Dart Society Fellow Ron Haviv's work is featured on the new Dart Society blog.

I’ve mentioned before that I had the great fortune to participate in 2008 in the Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship and, this past year, to join the Dart Society’s Board of Directors.

Executive Director Deirdre Stoelzle Graves has done yeowoman work in getting a Dart Society blog going.  It’s just in its initial stages, and I’m optimistic that it will be a vibrant space for us to support journalists who cover issues of trauma and violence, to highlight the work done by Society members and other journalists in these ares and to convene conversations around these issues.

Since midweek, the eyes of the world have been on Haiti, where a 7.0 level earthquake has caused almost unimaginable devastation.

Society members David Loyn, Ron Haviv and Huascar Robles are or will be in Haiti.

Here’s a post with Ron’s thoughts and photos.

Here is an intriguing response by John McCusker, a 2009 fellow who was part of the photography team at the New Orleans Times-Picayune that received a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

And Frank Ochberg, the psychiatrist for whom the fellowship is named, has commented on John’s post.

The project is in its initial phases, so comments on any aspect of it are welcome.

Thanks for giving it a look!


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