Israel trip continues, big Snow in New England, Bill Reynolds’ book about the 1978 Red Sox

This view from a Carmelite monastery outside of Haifa is a far cry from what folks back in New England are experiencing.

It’s Day Three here in Israel, and today we went up to Haifa and other cities in the North, near the Lebanese and Jordanian borders.

I understand that back home in New England folks have been blanketed with snow in what is rapidly being called The Blizzard of 2009.

In my childhood, the Blizzard of ’78 set the standard for all that followed and that, in my mind, never really exceeded, even if the total inches of snow fallen was greater than in my seventh grade year.

The snow started on February 5 and did not stop for a full day.

Mom sent us to school anyway until the ruddy-faced crossing guard roared for us to go home.

We did. And stayed there for weeks.

Eventually, we  no longer bothered to turn on the radio to check if school was cancelled.

I still remember seeing snow on the ground in early May.

We had just six days of schools in February and ended up having to add time at the beginning and the end of the day to end the school year on time.

I loved it.

Bill Reynolds writes about the Blizzard of ’78 in his book about the 1978 Boston Red Sox’s one-game playoff with the New York Yankees.  Also the author of Fall River Dreams, a look at what high school basketball means to Fall River, Massachusetts, Reynolds in this book examines the political, social and racial realities of late 70s Boston.

I wrote about the book earlier in the year.  If you’ve got a few days due to this year’s blizzard, check it out.

Check out Bill Reynolds' book if you've got some time due to snow.


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