20,000 Page View Mark, Thanks.

This is just a quick note to say that due to a bump in traffic the past couple of days, we are over 20,000 page views for the month.

That’s an average of 1,000 page views per day.

Thanks to everyone who through your reading and comments are helping the community grow!


2 responses to “20,000 Page View Mark, Thanks.

  1. Congratulations on the 20,000 page view mark! But also today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s a nice coincidence that you reached this milestone on this occasion. Here’s to you Jeff, the brilliant blogger, restless reader, perceptive poster, relentless reviewer, righteous writer! And for me, a favorite friend (I’m having a fit of alliteration for some reason this morning as I get ready for the arrival of my kids.)! I do hope you have a wonderful day, and I am very glad that you were born!

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Many thanks, Dave, for your good words and wishes as well as for the card you sent. Your generosity means a lot to me because I think so highly of you.

      Keep the alliteration going, my tremendous teacher friend!

      Love to you and your family, and let’s talk soon!


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