Obama Nobel Peace Prize Dialogue Continues to Rage


The decision to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize continues to elicit lots of commentary.

The decision to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize continues to elicit lots of commentary.


Thanks to all the people who continue to write lengthy, creative and informative comments about President Obama’s being named to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here’s a sample of the latest: 

From Valerie Denise: 

Please do not misunderstand my previous post, I am NOT comparing the President with MLK. I am only speaking to possible philosophies of the nominating committee.

I also disagree with many who suggest that this award may have been awarded simply because he was “not-Bush.” Had Hilary won the presidency, I seriously doubt that she would have been awarded this honor, especially considering her I’ll blow Iran into oblivion rants.

“I must ask why this prize is awarded to a movement which is beleaguered and committed to unrelenting struggle; to a movement which has not won the very peace and brotherhood which is the essence of the Nobel Prize…I accept this award today wi…th an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind.” MLK

There were many who believed that Martin Luther King was not deserving of the honor, especially since African American men, women and children were still being hosed down and murdered in American streets, simply for being black.

However, the “tone” that was set in the nation with Martin Luther King’s speeches and non-violent philosophy helped inspire American sentiment against immoral behaviors designed to destroy a people.


From Karolina Garrett: 

My sense is that this awarded Nobel Peace Prize is simply an immediate vote against the reign of George Bush. And a message to Obama plus the entire world of hope in his potential to create real change. This award indicates an incredible sense of faith in Obama’s ability to issue a call to action, which is exactly what he did. Change happens and how sweet it is.


A bit of humor from Philip Kop:

He needs to put it on a necklace! Obama sounded astounded when he made the acceptance speech. Giving the money up for charity – too bad because bankrolls are really hot this summer.



And an interesting point about the timing of the nomination from Chris: 


Let me start by stressing the point….

Obama was Nominated for the this award while he was in office only 2 week’s.

What if any accomplishments did he do in 2 week’s that made him worthy of nomination????

2 WEEKS..people come on it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with him getting the Nobel, you have to agree that the nomination was somehow set up.

Getting the nomination next time around, I might see that,but being nominated on Speech’s about Hope, World peace, and disarming the weapons of mass destruction?

Isn’t there many people out there that give Great Speech’s of World Peace, and Hope for Unity of all Nation’s?

Most speech’s that a President gives are written by someone else, I mean they carry the meaning the president want’s conveyed but they are not his words.

Too much…Too early….and in my opinion not worthy at this time.
However in the future he might be a great candidate for the Nobel…but at this time…I THINK NOT


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