Stephanie Behne on Michelle Obama

Here’s a great comment from Stephanie Behne about today’s blog post:


Hi Jeff!

I can’t help but applaud Michelle on this one–the Olympic bid, that is–I haven’t read the book yet. Sorry.

I think Michelle Obama has to be excited to get the opportunity to “sink her teeth” into a worthwhile (to her and the delegation’s mind anyway) project. I think she enjoys the competitive nature of it and might even miss being “out there” professionally. Building a career has to be different from acting in the role of First Lady, I would think.

It must be hard to purposely position yourself in the shadows when you are as smart and accomplished as Michelle is. It probably helps if you don’t enjoy self-promotion and the limelight. For running the family for so long in his absence, she gets to give her opinions to the president and can become well-versed in nearly any issue she’d want–as long as she doesn’t speak publicly about it.

I’m not entirely sure what the Obama marriage has to do with all this, but it seems like the team spirit is alive and well in Michelle Obama. This is an important, but not always easy, spirit to cultivate in any marriage, but especially one where there are strong-minded and accomplished individuals coming together.

I wish them both luck–you’ve got to wonder what kind of special pressures the presidency puts on a marriage.


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