Heading to see Marjorie Agosin.


We are spending the day with the prolific poet and human rights activist Marjorie Agosin.

We are spending the day with the prolific poet and human rights activist Marjorie Agosin.

Dunreith, Aidan and I are heading to Ogunquit today to see Marjorie Agosin and to meet her mother.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Marjorie’s work, but she is an incredibly prolific author, poet and human rights activist.

I mean, we are talking close to 100 books and counting, folks.

Born to a Jewish family in Chile, she was outside of the United States when the military, led by General Augusto Pinochet and backed by the C.I.A., overthrew the democratically-elected regime of Salvador Allende. 

Marjorie writes in Spanish, which is her native tongue and which she has said feels best depicts her feelings, and she works closely with the translators who present her work in English. 

I’ve probably read a dozen of her works.

The subjects have ranged from a literary analysis of Pablo Neruda’s work to a collection of letters exchanged with her dear friend Emma Sepulveda to a number of works about the arpilleristas-the women in Chile who wove tapestries of their loved ones who had been “disappeared” by the Pinochet regime to a travelogue of family trips that included a chapter about the home in Ogunquit we will be visiting. 

She also collaborates actively with artists, on a book about the murdered women in Juarez, for example, and works hards to promote the work other writers, poets and artists.

In short, she’s a gem, and a rare one.  I look forward to spending the time with her, to meeting  her mother and for Aidan to get exposed to some more Spanish speakers.


2 responses to “Heading to see Marjorie Agosin.

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    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks for the comment, and I enjoyed your site. Marjorie, her mother, her daughter and our family had a rich and meaningful day of food, wine and warm conversation together.

      What a treat!


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