Facebook Responses to Yesterday’s Open Letter.

I very much enjoyed the dialogue that came out of the post I wrote yesterday and wanted to share it here:

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T.r. FayJeff, I agree it may be going over the line..But was it Ok for a group to make a movie about the assination of Pres. Bush when he was a sitting president. Neither of which is OK. But the old saying is whats good for the goose is good for the gander Yesterday at 2:31pm · Delete

T.r. FayThen again Pres. Bush never reviewed citizens coming into a town meeting to make sure they would’nt disagree with them….(Portsmouth,NH) Yesterday at 2:32pm · Delete

T.r. FayTo add, this is America with protected speach and freedom of expression Yesterday at 2:39pm · Delete

Timothy B. TysonFreedom of speech, yes. But shouting people down interferes with freedom of speech. And freedom of speech does not come with a constitutional right to applause. If you’re being a jerk, in other words, people who say “stop being a jerk” are not oppressing you. You don’t even have to obey them. Yesterday at 3:19pm · Delete

T.r. FayWHAT????? Yesterday at 3:41pm · Delete

T.r. FayMaybe you are referring to how the present admin. reviewed and screened its audience in Portsmouth NH so it would give the apperance as everyone was in agreement…..Instead of shouting someone down of course.. Yesterday at 3:43pm · DeleteS

teve KantrowitzThe technical term we’re missing here is “troll.” Yesterday at 3:55pm · Delete

T.r. FayI don’t agree that Pres. Obama is a little man who lives under a bridge Yesterday at 4:09pm · Delete

Thurman Aman MatthiesenExtremely well-written article. Hopefully it won’t fall on deaf ears but I fear those who propagate such absurd and offensive ideas will not change… but that, of course, wouldn’t be the target audience… it’s those that can be easily swayed by sick images and repetition that must be made aware of how outrageous and immoral these centuries old … Read Moretactics are and that they, unfortunately work. The awareness of this is an achievable goal in speaking out so clearly, eloquently and diplomatically, and with full disclosure of your family’s personal experience during the madness and evil of The Holocaust which by no means biases someone’s opinion on such a destructive and disrespectful (not just to those who suffered and were murdered by Hitler and his henchmen) use of Hitler’s image and history. I’m not Jewish and would think myself disgusting if I had to be Jewish or any of the other groups that were targeted to feel as I do about comparing Obama to Hitler.

Thurman Aman MatthiesenIn full disclosure I am half Black and White like Obama and millions of others who would’ve been targeted had I lived in Europe in those days, but I, also, know I am not biased by that. I’m outraged by any group throughout history that has been target, tortured and killed simply for being whatever race, culture, creed or sexual orientation. It’s simply unfathomable to use these insane scare tactics about anything! Yesterday at 5:35pm · DeleteTony ShulmanWell said. I would not consider myself a supporter of most of our President’s plans, but attempting to create parallels between him and the homicidal, syphilitic, maniac is asinine and uncalled for. Yesterday at 6:51pm ·

Thurman Aman MatthiesenT.r. Fay… you can’t say both of these remarks. “Neither of which is OK. But the old saying is whats good for the goose is good for the gander”. You have to make a choice and stand by it. Yesterday at 7:59pm · Delete

Julene Jemmott Teixeira Jeff, I loved your article. Well put, let’s hope people listen. Yesterday at 8:47pm ·

T.r. FayThanks Thurman for your response..I’m not taking sides here at all, maybe I mis-stated what I meant. I can accept why someone has depicted our president as this beast of history….Meaning we live in afree society of freedom of speech and expression.I don’t agree with it, just the same I did not agree with how the former president was depicted on… Read More several occassions, but there was no outcry by the people..I’m trying to understand why that is. In reference to goose and gander, what I meant was if one side takes a jab at someone then except a jab back at some point especially if you took over power. 4 hours ago ·

Jeff Kelly LowensteinThanks, folks, for the responses. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views, disagree and clarify. This is exactly the kind of dialogue I had in mind and that I believe is possible. Let’s keep it going and see if we can extend the circles in which we talk about this and other critical issues that face us and that will influence the world that we pass/are passing to our children!… Read More Thanks again. 2 seconds ago · Delete


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