Coming Attractions: Author Interviews!!!

The Frost-Nixon interviews made for great theater and a film that garnered multiple Academy Award nominations. I'm open for suggestions about which authors to interview.

The Frost-Nixon interviews made for great theater and a film that garnered multiple Academy Award nominations. I'm open for suggestions about which authors to interview.

So … I’ve been blogging about current events and books about them since late December on a near-daily basis.

And, while I love what I’ve been doing, as well as your thought provoking, insightful and occasionally combative comments, I know I need to mix things up a little bit.

Enter author interviews.

My goal is to provide you with interviews from authors whose books have not yet been printed or have just been published so as to give the inside scoop on their work and their thoughts about it.

Here are three candidates:

1. Peter Laufer, The Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors and Conservationists. Long-time socially conscious writer Laufer was looking for a break from heavy subjects after writing Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq, so found himself looking into the seemingly light topic of butterflies.  The results surprised him.

2. Lac Su ,  I Love Yous Are For White People.  I bloggedabout this book earlier this week and have been in touch with Su about his memoir about fleeing South Vietnam and growing up in Los Angeles.  We were on track to talk this weekend, and his wife just had twins!

3.Brendan I. Koerner,  Now The Hell Will Start: One Soldier’s Flight From the Greatest Manhunt of World War II.  I’ve not yet read this book, so can’t say much specific, but it looks fascinating.  It tells the story of black soldier Herman Perry, who shot an unarmed white lieutenant and fled into the wilderness.  Spike Lee has purchased the movie rights for the book, which is coming out in paperback later this month.

What authors would you like to see interviewed?

What questions should I ask and not ask?


4 responses to “Coming Attractions: Author Interviews!!!

  1. How exciting. Having been the Interview Queen lately with my column, I share the sense of expectation you must have with such interesting people. I can’t help but wish one of the authors was a woman, but you’ll do well with whomever you choose!

    I think my choice would be #3, Brendan I. Koerner. It could be interesting to see how racism is revealed in one of our institutions, that of the military. Also, it seems like a pretty unique story–frankly, I don’t know anything about him and would like to know the obvious things first: what the circumstances were surrounding the shooting and how it played out.

    I guess before I know the basics, I wouldn’t be able to ask much interesting. Sorry–should have looked it up first!

    Looking forward to reading.

  2. jeffkellylowenstein3

    Thanks, Stephane/Interview Queen, and Happy Mother’s Day, for the note and feedback.

    Just to be clear, these three are authors whose books I have received recently. I am open and look forward to interviewing male and female authors and welcome any suggestions you have! 🙂

    Enjoy the day, thanks again for commenting and please send regards to your family from ours!


  3. Jeff,

    If you’d like to interview Peter Laufer, I can help set that up for you as I am the publicist working on “Dangerous World of Butterflies.”


    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, Khuoug, for your note.

      That would be terrific. I was a guest on Peter’s radio show earlier in the year and enjoyed reading his most recent book.

      I am in Chicago and would probably want to connect with Peter after work. Does he have some time in the late afternoon or early evening this week?

      Thanks again, and please let me know at your convenience.


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